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About us

About us

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Mission Statement
Tally Taylor, Inc. is a women's apparel manufacture located in the U.S.A. Its main business is to provide fabulous, affordable fashions with top fabrics, detailing and workmanship. Our commitment is to represent the most refined quality of goods in various sizes. Tally Taylor, Inc. endlessly pursues both creativity and perfection in its designs; bring cultural values, traditions, tends and innovation concepts into a fashion reality.

"Where every woman counts!"

About Us
Tally Taylor, Inc. was established in 1995 and headquarters in New York's garment district. We stop and nothing to provide the best women's apparel as a leading manufacturer of women's suits, knits, evening dresses, accessories and hats. We are most known for our signature collection Tally Taylor, which was our first line of suits. Today, we have grown into much more than just our Tally Taylor collection, expanding our business to Liorah Knits, Odeliah Denim, Daniella Couture Collection evening wear and our latest collection is Kayla, our casual and trendy woman dress line.

Our commitment is to represent the most refined qualities of goods and merging them with cultural values, traditions, trends and innovation. Catering to all women we produce our styles in a wide range of sizes from 4-36W to ensure that every woman can count on experiencing the fabulous and affordable fashions we provide.
All of our collections can be found at and our evening wear can be exclusively found at or contact us by phone at 866.295.0254.
"Where every woman counts!"

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